Margaret Drake

Margaret Drake’s Bio: Margaret is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Hour of Harvest Incorporated which owns and operates the Christian television station WLJC. She hosts a Live, interactive, 90 minute Christian program called “Hour of Harvest ”. It is reaching people where ever they are with the Gospel message. Margaret invites local pastors and Gospel musicians to be guests on her program. Margaret and her guests, together with a team of prayer partners share the audience’s burdens and offer prayer, teaching and music ministry.

Margaret Drake reading a bookMargaret is an interdenominational ordained minister. She has been involved in Christian ministry for nearly 50 years. She has co-pastored several churches and has been active in home missions with an emphasis on working with women, children, and elderly. Margaret loves and cares for all kinds of people. Her down to earth, non-judgmental, personal approach is well received by all. She offers hope, encouragement and a positive uplifting Christian message wherever
she serves.

At the age of twelve, Margaret attended a Bible Camp where she heard the plan of salvation and accepted Jesus as her personal Savior. She has since carried the burden for souls. Through her personal experiences with the Lord and the realization that we all are here for a short time, she wants to be used by God to bring hope, love, encouragement and the plan of salvation to all she comes in contact with.