Hour of Harvest Newsletter June 2024

Margaret’s Message:

Here we are in the sixth month of the year. Time passes so quickly. During this first part of the year our lives have all changed so much. In many homes there is an empty chair at the table. That loved one has gone on to meet Jesus.

Some deaths come quickly, others come after long months of suffering and pain. Grief comes with them all.

Grief is hard to understand and to work with. Everyone handles it in the best way they can. I am thankful we are going to a land of no more sickness or death.

There are many scriptures with promises that the Lord will give us strength as we look to Him. God is faithful to His children. Comfort can come through our families and friends that understand what we are going through. When we feel so alone it is important to remember, the Holy Spirit will never leave or forsake us.

We are loved in good times and in bad times. This life will soon be over for everyone. Make sure you are saved and ready to meet your Maker.


Hour of Harvest Guest List for June:

1 – Believer’s Voice
3 – Neth Jones & Mike Sexton
4 – Gloryland Baptist Church
6 – The Cains
7 – Fall Creek Boys
8 – Denham St. Baptist Church
10 – Called
11 – Lonnie & Edith King
13 – Praise Singers
14 – New Vision Pentecostal Church
15 – The Happy Travelers
17 – Dove Creek
18 – Cecil Benge & the Gospel Travelers
20 – Saint Saviours
21 – Rahab’s Rope
22 – Sunday Mountain
24 – Straight Creek
25 – Eugene Madden & the WGB House Band
27 – The Spencer Boys
28 – Christian Pilgrims
29 – White Oak Band

Guests are subject to change. Tune in to WLJC at 7pm-8pm nightly or watch on the web at www.hourofharvest.com. Call in your prayer request or pledge to (606) 464-4250 or (859) 469-7482 or email wljc@wljc.com

Trivia Questions:

The New Testament

Answer these questions from the New Testament:

1. Who was the king of Judea at the time of Jesus’ birth?

2. What miracle did Jesus perform at the marriage in Cana?

3. Who went with Paul on his first missionary journey?

4. On what island was Paul shipwrecked as he made his way to Rome?

5. How many churches of Asia Minor were there?

6. On what island was John when he was given the vision of Revelation?

7. In the New Jerusalem described in Revelation, what are the twelve gates made from?

8. What does the word gospel mean?



We love the Lord and we appreciate you all at WLJC and love all the programs. I pray that it will stay on always. We watch nearly every night and morning.

Verlon & Marilyn, Booneville, KY


God bless you all that volunteer and have been so faithful to the Hour of Harvest. I have been watching around 20 yrs. You have been such a blessing.

Sheila, Milford, OH


This station is a blessing to me. I watch every evening. I get so much joy out of the singing & listening to you explain the scriptures you read.

Myrtle, Hardy, KY

In Memory of:

In memory of husband Harrison Lamb from Phyllis Lamb

In memory of husband & parents from Helen Blankenship

In memory of Don Lovins from Myrtle Chapman

In memory of mom Ethel Little from Bobby Tackett

In memory of Don Lovins from Lois Rapp

In memory of son from Lassie Lykins

In memory of Don Lovins from Roy & Velma Salyers & Onward & Upward

In memory of Don Lovins from Frank Cornett

In memory of wife Brenda & Don Lovins from Herman Wagner

In memory of Harold, mom & dad Smallwood from Brenda Hall

In memory of Don Lovins, Bill & Shannon Kincaid & Elsie King from Shirley Richards

In memory of Don Lovins from Mary Rowles

In memory of Owen Goodpastor from Earl & Wanda Conyers

In memory of Don Lovins from Dora Johnson

In memory of Brother William Lowe and Don Lovins from Dempsey Lowe

In memory of Lewis Burns from Butch, Jerry & Barbara Moore

In memory of Don Lovins from Mr. & Mrs. Jack Shields

In memory of husband Carl Miniard & Don Lovins from Alice Miniard

In memory of husband Don & son from Louise Hamlin

In memory of Gloria Fields from Marsha Maggard

Trivia Answers:

1. Herod the Great (Matthew 2:1)

2. Turned water into wine (John 2:1-11)

3. Barnabas (Acts 12:25)

4. Malta (Acts 28:1)

5. Seven (Revelation 1:20)

6. Patmos (Revelation 1:9)

7. Pearl (Revelation 21:21)

8. Good news

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