Hour of Harvest Newsletter November 2020

Margaret’s Message

What an eventful year we have had! There have been fires, hurricanes, rain and wind storms, sickness, diseases and the uncontrollable Covid 19 along with murders, riots and the worse strife between our leaders like never before. We are seeing with our own eyes what we read about in Matthew 24 come to pass, the signs before Jesus comes back for His church. Are you ready today to meet Him? For your sake and your family please accept Jesus as your personal saviour. Pray, repent and accept His forgiveness. John 3:16 tells us of His great love for all of us! Pray now while you can. You are special to the Lord!


Hour of Harvest Guest List for November:

9th – Alex Miller
10th – Blessed Hope Singers
12th – Rhodes Family
13th – Onward & Upward
14th – Voices of Praise
16th – Altro Church of God
17th – God’s Messengers
19th – Shirley Baker France & Kraus Noble
20th – Gilbert’s Bluegrass
21st – Trinity Full Gospel Church
23rd – Ronald Johns
24th – Pam Combs w/Dove Creek
27th – Christian Pilgrims
28th – Avery Watkins
30th – Canyon Falls Church

Guests are subject to change. Tune in to WLJC at 7pm nightly or watch on the web at www.wljc.com. Call in your prayer request or pledge to (606) 464-4250 or (859) 469-7482 or email wljc@wljc.com

In Memorial:

In memory of Marsha Kay Sanders Winkle from Eva Sanders
In memory of Ethel Little from Bobby Tackett
In memory of Betty Jenkins from Lassie Lykins
In memory of sister from Rosalyn Gross
In memory of Ivan Markwell from Clela Markwell
In memory of Burton Herald, Sr. & Naomi R. Herald from Widge Herald
In memory of Mason James Sons from Gerry Morrison
In memory of Wilma Rhodes from Joseph Rhodes
In memory of Brenda C Wagner from Herman Wagner
In memory of Eva Mae Garrison from Larry and Amy Gates
In memory of Leonard D. Wilson from The Wilsons
In memory of Lee Wilds from William Wilds
In memory of Wayne Bryant from Bobbie Bryant
In memory of Bobby Wiggins from Janice Wiggins
In memory of Bill and Lou Shely from Bruce and Martie

Hour of Harvest would like to make available an opportunity for you to make a memorial gift to this ministry. By making a donation to this ministry you are sowing a seed that will last eternally. Your memorial gift will be a lasting gift in memory of your loved one to an organization that was dear to their heart.

Bible Trivia Questions:
Notable Women:

1. Who was the mother of John Mark?
2. Who came to Jerusalem with a caravan of camels and loads of jewels?
3. Who ran to tell people that she had met the Christ by a well?
4. What book mentions an industrious woman who plants a vineyard with her own hands?
5. Who was the angel Gabriel speaking to when he said “Blessed art thou among women”?
6. Where was Mary the last time she is mentioned in the New Testament?
7. Who was the first woman to tell Jesus she believed he was the Messiah?
8. What wealthy woman made her living selling purple dye?


We enjoy the service every night via the Internet. We haven’t gone to church for a few months because of the virus. The service helps us to cope with not being in church services.
James & Betty, Indianapolis, IN.

I am paying my tithing to your station because I can’t go to church right now and your station is my church at this time. I love you all. It is blessing me every day. Praise God for WLJC and all the workers there.
Marie, Lexington, Ky.

My husband went to be with God 11 years ago. He got saved 5 years before he passed watching WLJC. I still rejoice over that because he really got saved and changed his life so much.
Janice, Paint Lick, Ky.

Bible Trivia Answers:

1. Mary (Acts 12:12) 2. The queen of Sheba (1 Kings 10:2) 3. The Samaritan woman (John 4:29) 4. Proverbs (31:16) 5. Mary (Luke 1:28) 6. With the apostles in the upper room in Jerusalem (Acts 1:13-4) 7. Martha (John 11:24-27) 8. Lydia (Acts 16:14)

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Mission Statement:

The Hour of Harvest, Inc. is a nonprofit, nondenominational organization dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The mission of Hour of Harvest is to broadcast the Gospel in song and spoken word to reach as many people as possible for Christ. Hour of Harvest is funded primarily by contributions from viewers like you. All gifts are income tax deductible.

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