Hour of Harvest Newsletter October 2023

Margaret’s Message:

October is such a beautiful time of the year! A good time for a celebration! On the 18th of this month we are celebrating and praising God for allowing us to spread the gospel for 41 years on WLJC-TV!! Will you join us?

Over the years God has sent some of the best people on earth to work with us. It is sad to say, but a large number of those folks have gone home to be with Jesus! We miss them but are blessed by remembering them as the scripture says.

Over the past few years, with losing our friends and supporters through death and the covid situation, we have unfortunately lost a lot of support, so the ministry has started to suffer financially. So we now feel the need to have another Telethon!

Through much prayer and planning we have our Fall Telethon scheduled for November 6th – 18th, 2023 – it will be 2 hours nightly. Many of our friends have agreed to come and help share our needs with you. We would greatly appreciate it if you would start praying and planning to help in someway. Please share the news with your family and church and perhaps together, you can find a way to help.

Please mark your calendars for November 6th – 18th and plan not to miss a night. Let’s work for the Lord while there’s still time.


Hour of Harvest Guest List for October:

2 – Chad’s Hope
3 – Gloryland Baptist Church
5 – Don Lovins & Friends
6 – The Hampton Family
7 – City of Refuge
9 – KY Wayfaring Strangers
10 – Helen Lewis Bluegrass Gospel
12 – God’s Messengers
13 – New Beginning
14 – New Harvest
16 – Russell Murphy
17 – Brooke Nicole
19 – Dave & Kay Hammond
20 – Carpenter’s Way
21 – The Mannings
23 – Rhythm Reign
24 – Canyon Falls Church
26 – Jo Ann Combs
27 – Tim Goshen & the Believers
28 – Redeemed
30 – Ole Stumpkickers
31 – Virda Holland

Guests are subject to change. Tune in to WLJC at 7pm-8pm nightly or watch on the web at www.hourofharvest.com. Call in your prayer request or pledge to (606) 464-4250 or (859) 469-7482 or email wljc@wljc.com

Trivia Questions:

Plants in the Bible

Answer these questions about plants in the bible:

1. What did Jacob give Esau in exchange for his birthright?

2. Cedars are renown in the Bible as coming from where?

3. Jesus condemned what plant because it had no fruit?

4. Deborah, the judge of Israel is said to have dwelt under what kind of tree between Ramah & Bethel?

5. Absalom was fleeing battle when he got his head caught in what kind of plant?

6. Jotham uttered a parable concerning the trees. In the parable, which tree agrees to be king?

7. When Elijah fled from Jezebel and asked God that he might die, he did so under what kind of tree?



Thank you for spreading Jesus around the world. Praying for revival and for all our loved ones to be saved and the sick to be healed.

Rex, Whitesburg, KY


I always look forward to watching WLJC. It really lifts me up and joy fills my heart hearing about the word of God and the songs!

Carol, Corbin, KY


I truly get a blessing each time I watch your program. I have learned a lot from you reading the bible and then explaining it. Please keep up the Lord’s work and you will be rewarded.

Myrtle, Pike County, KY

In Memory of:

In memory of Aunt Edna from Lassie Lykins

In memory of husband from Linda Agee

In memory of wife Carolyn Patrick from A. B. Patrick

In memory of parents William & Dimple Lemaster from Pat Castle

In memory of Roger Lemaster from Jack & Lynny Huston

In memory of wife Faye Paul from Carl Paul

In memory of wife Bertha N. Wallace from Clarence Wallace

In memory of Buddy Meece, Paislee Mize & Juanite Eggers from Judith Meece

In memory of wife Wilma Rhodes from Joseph Rhodes

In memory of mother Mae Smallwood & Nolan Smallwood from Brenda Hall

In memory of mom Ethel Little from Bobby Tackett

In memory of our fathers Jim Tom Easterling & Edison Pack from Donnie & Karen Pack

In memory of family & loved ones passed on from Vinnia Lou Warren

Trivia Answers:

1. Some pottage of lentils (Genesis 25:34)

2. Lebanon (1 Kings 5:6)

3. Fig (Matthew 21:19)

4. A palm tree (Judges 4:4-5)

5. Oak (2 Samuel 18:9)

6. Thornbush (Judges 9:15)

7. Broom (1 Kings 19:4)

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